Monday, February 17, 2014

Damned by My Memories?

It is no wonder that religion is so easy for those who accept that "God" is a male
Males aren't the parent with infinite patience and persistence in morality tales.
Males simply allow their darlings to climb into their laps for a quick laugh,
And send the children off to be tended by the mother and domestic staff.

How often do fathers ground their children without a second thought?
It's not their own imprisonment, with the child, that the sentence brought.
It is easy for lord and master gods to proclaim their "just" punishments,
Leaving the anger toward their authority to, on the "help," be spent.

How I have learned to fear and hate the "God" of Abraham?
This "God" has no relationship to my visions of the eternal I AM.
How did humans come from believing we're manifestations of divinity,
To believe the best of humans was born to appease this father's jealousy?

If this is the vision I must embrace of the father of our universe,
I accept the religious notion that my eternal future is cursed.
What my children are, and what they pass on to their progeny,
I have made every attempt to be separated from my eternal destiny.

My great hope is that I will leave this earth a more positive place,
Though I have not been able, through my offspring, to pass grace.
There are others that I have encountered that I did not threaten
With being eternally influenced by my intrinsic occasions of sin.

My vision of eternal life is balance between gestation and action;
This vision doesn't give competitive individuals much satisfaction.
In order for them to feel they've succeeded, some have to lose;
When will the majority of humanity, of this notion be disabused?

I do not believe in gods, though I do believe in eternal spirits.
I believe those that I once loved whisper, so only I can hear it.
Does this mean that they, and I, are in heaven or in hell?
I don't believe it is for anyone on earth to be able to tell.

Every faint spark of positive energy left with me by them,
Is, by their often tortured spirits, left for me to defend.
Let priests, prophets, shamans and witches lead with fear;
I will not condemn those memories that I hold most dear.

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