Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why Women Are Our Enemies and We Love Them Anyway

I have met many women who were jealous of all others;
This may be where the concept of "a jealous God" began.
Their ferocious "mother tiger" selves strike out at anyone
Who gets between mother and her children, or her man.
It seems to matter not to these ferocious mother tigers,
Whether their protected ones are babies or grown men.
If they perceive presence stronger than their "babies,"
They will strike out, with full force, again and again.
In the knight in shining armor saviors, we like to believe;
It is a myth about the king protecting the princess.
Females coming from families, whether or not royalty,
Are treated as unpaid prostitutes, if not less.
The only way mothers can hand power on to daughters
Is registered financial security, in a mothers name,
This protects daughters as their brothers are protected by fathers.
To prevent all, and anyone, from denying a daughter's claim.

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