Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Protecting Our Progeny

At his mother's breast, he is infused with The Sacred, and in the reflection of himself in her eyes;
How brutally we rip the male child from her, as if her compassion for him should be despised.
He spends his life seeking another way to have his soul feel, once again, complete,
But those who manipulate his fears, for his strongest allegiances, compete.

Monarchs and gods demand that their subjects scurry to fulfill their every whim;
They make mock of every weakness and whores of their subjects' women.
"Here is your beautiful virtuous wife, covered in my strong animal scent.
You will bow only to my power; I am the god for whom your were both meant."

Their priests pronounce spells that are meant to keep you in the monarch's power;
Their prophets portend doom, if on any other, your affections, you shower.
"You'll not see god in your bond with your woman, and must offer your children
To the destruction of the power that mother earth exerts on her men."

The strength of a man in a woman's loving arms threatens my supremacy;
Your family will be brutally destroyed, if they exalt in anyone but me.
Leave your home to the women and children, as you fight in my wars;
Protecting the kingdom of your "god" is what a man is made for.

Your women and children are born to wait for your triumphal return;
You will strengthen yourself to fight with your passion for them that burns.
The bond of a man and a woman's love is the greatest of earth's strength;
It was this way in the beginning and has been ever since.

Gods don't want wise old women; they want our young children.
At their births, gods begin grooming the child to worship only them.
By age of eight the child's fate is cast, and their fear is greater than
Any bonds that they have formed to their first nurturing woman.

The making of gods on earth through blood sacrifice of our males,
Is the truth in what all our wars, and much of religion, entails.
When will we mothers stand and say, "Take me, but not my son;
There is so much more than your blood sacrifice he is to become."?

When will we mothers take our girls away from their fathers,
Instead of continuing the wretched fate we had as daughters?
If there is to be a blood sacrifice, let it be my own bloody death;
Only then will my own sacred mother spirit be at rest.

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