Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It is time that we stop waiting for eternal forgiveness,
When we have hurt so many on our journeys through life.
Eternity is that which we already shared with others on earth;
It's not begun at the point at which we swear eternal sacrifice.

We all make mistakes, while some intend to visit evil on others.
Repetition is always the difference in how we impact eternal life.
Greed is the greatest of all evils visited upon our earth;
The confessions of parents won't, for children's ills, suffice.

Each child has ears that hear and eyes that see their parents;
The examples of parents are those that they're lionizing.
It matters not what the church and community leaders profess;
Parents lead their children by example, not by proselytizing.

Stop, all parents, from correcting your adult children;
Admit to your wrongs, and ask forgiveness of them.
Free them to follow the paths they have been given,
And hope that, in adult humanity, to be their friends.

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