Monday, May 19, 2014

Pagan Gods of Punishment vs Eternal Energy

Pagans believe in gods of punishment and gods for all other occurrences;
This seems to me the problem with referring to The Sacred Spirit as God.
The testaments that we accept today are filled with mistaken perceptions,
Based on the beliefs that homo sapiens held in less capable of reasoning brains.

While the psalms sing of the beauty of The Sacred Spirit in life,
Many, like Cain and Abraham, turned back to gods of fear.
Moses took the time to review the rabble and find a common code,
One that bridged the gap between fear of gods and full humanity.

How foolish it was for the Israelites to attempt to define boundaries
Based, not on shared values for living, but on the dirt of the earth.
Will we humans ever stop fighting to create a universal place of peace
Until we understand that we're the earthly embodiment of all the gods?

Only we have been given the ability to grow beyond our animal instincts,
And to bond with all physical species in an effort to bond the entire universe.
Every insult, every bomb, every destructive action on our earth
Serves to turn our full human community back into Cain and Abraham's chaos.

I do not seek to dishonor our Biblical patriarchs in our religious ancestry;
I do believe it is important to acknowledge their mistakes and their triumphs.
We must stop defining our parents as good without grievous mistakes,
Or we're doomed to eternity in the hells of their, and their parents', making.

Abraham was a woman and child abuser; we still pay the price in enmity.
How many generations of our children will die because of his mistakes?
Is it not time that we all use our better judgement about the earth
And accept defeat on the parts of all who came before our generation?

It is incumbent upon all humanity to begin with a clean earthly slate,
Realizing that all our former rules were based on ancestral animal fears.
Our deceased fathers and mothers harmed our ancestral sisters and brothers,
But we must all reach across war zones the embrace each other in peace.

We must seek to redefine ways to recognize The Sacred Spirit on earth.
Can we agree that all of what is truly sacred leads to balance and peace?
All power promoting fear or pain as punishment should be disqualified
As entities to which human beings should bow or inflict on others on earth.

I sing the songs of The Sacred Spirit that I see all around me every day;
I'm told I'm destined for the hell created by the gods of fear and punishment.
I care not about this far-away heaven because every smile brings a bit of joy;
In the eternal energy of each who embraces my aura, I will live in eternity.

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