Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Actions of Acceptance

Stop saying my face of The Sacred is false simply because you don't have the same eyes as I.
Stop saying I'm deaf because my ears are not attuned to the same tones that, as to yours, apply.
Stop attempting to teach me. Stop wondering about what will greet me after my physical life.
We must stop looking for approval in words and allow our actions of acceptance to suffice.

Is it possible that we can experience the same Sacred Spirit though our beliefs are not the same?
Can we ever communicate when The Sacred in our lives has different manifestations and names?
I have struggled to know from whence you speak, as I once spoke like you and your religion do.
You seem to see me as misguided or confused; those who believe like I aren't among the few.

Sacred language of faith is not about words, no matter what mouth speaks or pen writes them.
It is about taking the time to connect The Most Sacred Spirit that, in sharing, makes us human.
How can a one-in-spirit husband not hurt as he wipes away his wife's anguished tears?
How can a one-in-spirit mother desire anything more than salving her children's fears?

When we have clearly hardened our hearts to the innocence of the other's little child spirit.
It matters not how loud the overwhelming passion is expressed, I don't think we can hear it.
There is no threat, only sadness, as our beloveds, in anger or regret, turn, from us, away.
The look in the eyes of the abandoned leaves no need for the words that we may want to say.

What if we carefully chose a few of our words on which we thought all full humans agreed;
And looked into others for truths we don't already possess, for which we may have need?
The stories on which we base our lives and friendships, we refuse to admit are humanly flawed.
Though, by the same seemingly Sacred realities on our shared earth, we admit to being awed.

Some walk away from others' Sacred beliefs, allowing persecution of those they call friend;
They may not want to punish their actions, but to the forces of hatred, they abandon them.
When will all stop the talking, and start listening, while looking into the eyes of different others?
Only, in this way, to know who around us are, in The Universal Sacred Spirit, sisters and brothers.

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