Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fight, Flight and Our Future

Is anger the only effective fuel against fear? Aren't humans supposed to have the capacity to cope with more reasoned means? While it is true that other animals may only have capacity to flee or fight, Homo sapiens are supposed to have the ability to back away until we put our energies together in forming productive plans to make changes that will effect the future course of our earth.

Those who believe that Homo sapiens are destined to continue committing the same sins, because of Karma or the words of our ancient ancestors, look forward to peace only after we have destroyed our earth. I refuse to subscribe to a heaven other than what we are creating in our physical universe. I don't believe that I will see those who have lived and died after I'm dead, except as my own energy contains the energy that they already shared with me.

In this life, I see and hear my sisters and brothers, fathers, mothers, and all the friends who have touched my life. In my dreams, I actually feel their touches, as I did while their bodies were still on our earth. Who is to tell me that my dreams aren't simply parts of my life here on earth? I don't enjoy interpreting them, but I do often embrace them.

I simply don't see the difference in definition between then and now, the physical manifestations and the energy existent in the universe. I do expect that those who want to be treated as humans, not simply Homo sapiens animals, prove that they have the ability to channel their energies into progressively positive endeavors, for their own generation and all that come after theirs.

It is time that we define humanity as separate from the animals called Homo sapiens.

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