Thursday, March 17, 2011

Greed and Grief

Everybody has an agenda,
Whether we know it or not.
All of us want to protect our turf,
So unwelcome change, we stop.

It takes time to listen to others,
And it takes much energy
To ask myself what is better,
The ways of you or the ways of me.

It takes a lot of wisdom
To sort these questions out,
But few of us have the patience,
And the wisdom of others, we doubt.

Fairness is the basis of wisdom,
And few believe in this truth.
This seems to be why our earth
Is caught in an endless loop

Of jealousy, greed, and hatred
From the time of Adam and Eve
Because we feel ourselves powerless,
We continue to grieve.

A question isn't always accusation;
Silence may, or may not be, consent.
Perhaps we'd have more peace
If we asked others what they meant.

1 comment:

  1. Thoughtful post! And it's so true that most of us "protect our turf", so to speak. Learning requires listening - which is hard work. It demands concentration and much energy just to sit still and give the ideas of others a chance before we make conclusions. I've done that so many times to my later chagrin. However, a person with no convictions does not help us learn much. Also - if we have no conviction then we don't help the others in our life. So I seek God for balance.