Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Preparing For Purity

Look very closely at the light, and it will begin to draw you in.
When we are seeking a way out of darkness, this is how to begin.
Even a tiny pinpoint of light, seen in the eyes of a child,
Can be enough to give us hope for just a little while.
The uncorrupted child's soul is a pure pearl of light,
The earthly evidence of what, in creation, is right.
But we must prepare ourselves to protect their purity,
So that we too may experience the inner light they see.

But we don't prepare our people to be present in these moments;
We bring babies into isolation, without the tribes to which they're sent.
We live from task to task, exhausting our emotional resources,
Leaving our children's souls to all manner of evil forces.
At least, we now have daddies who hold their babies most dear,
Making their claims on their babies' hearts and minds clear.
But where are the councils of elders with time on their hands,
Helping to pass on the values that true humanity demands?

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