Monday, April 4, 2011

Synchronizing Our Spirits

I've read for many years about rites and rituals of religions that are supposed to take us closer to God. It seems that most of these were developed by people seeking to get away from their everyday lives on earth. While this may work for some, for short periods of time, I don't think it's the best way to long-lasting lightening of the load of life. When we wake up, there are still dirty dishes to be done, but the egg is stuck more firmly to the plate.

Many societies and religions solve this problem by creating the illusion that there are some who are simply meant to be closer to God and bring their visions down to those who do the dirty work. Those not gifted with enough inner light are encouraged to use all manner of psychoactive substance to "reach a higher plane", or to lose themselves in rituals that deaden the awareness of what's going on around them. While this may be great as a break from mundane matters, it isn't meant to be a lifestyle. And it sure isn't conducive to the training of children "in the way they should go."

One of the most beautiful rituals I've ever witnessed is the putting of a fussy baby to sleep. When done with love, it is pure spirituality in action. The serenity of the adult is imparted to the baby to the point where the baby feels so safe that his or her breathing synchronizes with the soother. It is like that with loving arms; they impart some of oneself to the other. With all the fear in the world, maybe it's time we reinstate rituals of spending snuggle time together. Believe in the bumper sticker, "Hugs, not drugs."

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