Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Was Wrong

To be accomplished liars we must lie to ourselves
Before we're believed by somebody else.
Beginning with small deceptions along the way,
We carefully craft what we think and say.

We can hide from the truth, but it won't die
No matter how hard we may earnestly try
To pretend our history wasn't our own,
And that, in our fantasies, we feel at home.

The most important words are, "I was wrong
To betray the trust for which you long."
No excuses, put my old ways away,
And in the present commit to stay.

To give myself over to the tasks
That create a bond of trust that will last,
And every day to awake to see
The best in you and be the best me.

But this is not what liars do
We convince ourselves we're glad to be through
With the work and challenges partnerships take;
We congratulate ourselves on making the break.

What do we think is to be our end
When we are left with not one friend
Who knows our hearts and helps us to be,
From our lies to ourselves, finally free?

1 comment:

  1. Lying is a sin that is extremely self-destructive. Trust can be obliterated when one discovers that another has deceived them...and it's takes years of conscious and deliberate effort to ever overcome the damages done. The only way is to find someone who will realize that all have been afflicted by lying and who is therefore willing to forgive. There is hope for all liars who will repent and turn away from their bad habit!