Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rebellion and Righteousness

As we grow, we often rebel,
Most often, against the lies.
The inconsistencies between the rules
And what we see with our own eyes.

As adults we spend much time
Rebelling against our best selves,
Instead of choosing from the many
Right examples that in us dwell.

It seems that we are driven
To become that which we fear,
To embrace and follow the falacies
That once, to us, were clear.

Instead of holding onto those
From our broken pasts,
We can reach out for others
Who, to our strengths, hold fast.

But we chafe at this notion
That we can begin again.
Is it really easier to
In our own hell remain?

In order to become righteous
We must put aside our ancestors' wrongs.
Only then will we be able
To, in our new selves, stand strong.

We must join with a community
That follows a stewardship code,
And offer our strengths to others
To help lighten humanity's load.

1 comment:

  1. For me, community is not as important as my personal responsibility to God. Community is great, though, for we all need that safety net of "others" surrounding us when life throws those curves at us.