Friday, May 13, 2011

My Celestial System

It would be so easy never to love, once so much of what we loved has been lost.
If we do this while bringing up children, their bonds to us are the cost.
I spent so very much of my life running away from life's pain;
Each time, my children pulled me back into loving again.
My children are grown, but I'm still connected to people who love me most dear.
As long as I want others in my life, I'm open to love and loss; that's clear.

Relationships work in cycles: I may be up when you are down.
We all need many in our lives, so we don't in each other's sorrows, drown.
We simply have to be careful in choosing partners on our path
Making sure we don't choose others who put our community last.
Fairness may not be the norm in which we, outside our community, live;
But caring and sharing is what I want those in my life to give.

Sometimes I'm disappointed that my people take more than their share
It is often a challenge to, for these needy people, continue to care.
It is sadly true that often, the caring has to be done from afar
Because there are those who want to be the sun instead of a single star.
My universe is a celestial system with many stars burning bright;
With all of us being powered by The Spirit's holy light.

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  1. Hmm, I made a comment - then it disappeared. My oh my. What fun these computers are. It is fun to walk out into the night and observe our celestial system of stars and planets. But some nights there are clouds that dim my view and I cannot see my favorite stars!