Thursday, June 23, 2011

Defining the Duties of the Day

What are a husband and wife's duties toward one another in a world where marriages may last over fifty years? What constitutes adultery; is stronger emotional or intellectual attachment, accompanied by time spent in communion, to someone other than one's spouse the same as physical attachment?

If marriage is a partnership, and families are communities, doesn't everything that affects one affect the whole family? When one community member is marginalized, doesn't that weaken the whole community? Where is one's fealty to one's family of origin superseded by one's responsibility to the family of one's making? Why don't we have sacred scriptures that address the issues of families in the modern age when we may live into our nineties and beyond?

How do we apply the Ten Commandments, written for a nomadic people fleeing persecution and a Bible that has very little to say about marriage, child rearing, and family life, to our long lives in the America of today?

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