Friday, June 24, 2011

Sacred Sea and Sky

Earth and sky are one on the water, reflecting each other's glory;
Here, I can feel the fluidity of the eternal creation story.
Fish is food for families; sunlight turns water into rain;
All that is existing in one form waits to be created again.

People in times of old paused to appreciate creation,
But we have allowed greed to destroy the sacred in all nations.
Our places of worship are palaces honoring our possessions,
Rather than our fields and forests, where we harvest Nature's blessings.

What we are destroying in our hurry to, human control, obtain
Is not within our corporate power to restore to balance again.
We're creating our own Armageddon with our illusion of ownership,
Forgetting that our individual lives are, on the radar of eternity, a blip.

I remember, as a child, we would seek a spreading tree's shade,
For the cool comfort found in these leafy glades.
We are now so far removed from the feelings of nature
That we have lost our compassion for the lesser creatures.

Even our animals are tamed to the point of uselessness;
We've forgotten the purpose for which each being exists.
All is for our entertainment rather than for the circle of life;
We don't allow that growth and balance are obtained by strife.

We see, but we don't study, the creatures as we ride by
On every motorized vehicle beneath our polluted sky.
We enclose our waste in products that keep them from becoming
The fuel upon which Nature has kept all creation running.

We use our knowledge of Nature to pervert the natural laws,
Never acknowledging the destruction of balance that we cause.
We must slow down and stop the seeking of more and greater thrills
Stop pretending that we can make all of Nature bow to our human wills.

Take moments in our day to simply see and marvel
At the power and beauty with which our world is full.
Allow our minds to rest upon our many natural blessings,
And hear the great redemption stories that all creation sings.

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  1. "The Heavens declare the glory of God and the earth showeth forth His handiwork." (Holy Bible)