Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Does God Giggle?

Does God giggle, or is He always "Harrumphing?"
Because if God doesn't tickle or giggle,
I know I wouldn't be happy in heaven.
And what about all this singing stuff
For those who can hardly carry a tune?
Will the little angels without music or song
Fly forever in silent stupors?

Will there be wet kisses and snuggles up in heaven
Or will the saints send the children
To another room to play?
It seems a shame that the glorified bodies
Will never experience hunger or thirst.
Homemade lemonade, sno balls, and
Fresh baked cookies it seems will also be out.

Children seem to be the cherubim already among us;
They sing the songs of joy and hope
So we look forward to another day.
If all our passions are to be pushed down
And quiet is the only way to peace,
Why look forward to a paradise,
Where no one will ever giggle again?

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