Monday, July 4, 2011

Dependence and Divinity

We are each free and dependent on the actions of others.
We are all sadly mistaken when we choose to believe that we
Are all free do what we want and to be whatever we want to be;

Don't insist that we share our paths to paradise.
The important thing is finding the path to our final destination;
We have all been given separate ways to fulfill the missions of our creation.

I do not think that force is a way to become one.
There are many pretending to follow paths in which they don't believe;
This does not mean that, our own faith directives, they've achieved.

Many know the outside, but don't dig deeply.
I have mistakenly challenged the beliefs of others;
Hence, I've lost relationships with sisters and brothers.

Faith is supposed to bring peaceful acceptance.
I was taught to question authority, rules, and regulations;
This seems to lead to the discord faiths sow in earth's many nations.

I have found one thing to be universally true.
We'll never find peace until we honor the sacred in each bit of creation;
We must faithfully work together to achieve all of creation's salvation.

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