Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enough Holy Ground to Go Around

Why don't we want to belong to a non-exclusive club?
Is there something to be gained by leaving others in the mud?
Why couldn't Cain accept Abels' gift to his god
Without feeling that, on his rights, Abel trod?
Is there not enough salvation to go around?
Is there a finite amount of Holy Ground?

I prefer to have a very large and inviting family tent;
This doesn't mean that we allow actions of every bent.
There are things that children should not see
Because their futures, from our baggage, should be free.
Our songs to our children should only include
The things in life, like them, for which we feel gratitude.

I don't think that children should be freely exposed
To the things that we adults, as adults, chose.
I don't have to do the same as my perpetrator.
I am responsible for being my own future's creator.
I will protect my children and their progeny
From my pain from which they should be free.

Some parents are afraid of being left behind
If they allow their children to expand their minds.
I will not inflict my prejudice on another generation;
I will help them learn at each of their life's stations.
And when they are exposed to something they don't understand,
We will explore how it fits with the universal plan.

We are born to be citizens of all of creation,
We can hand down our own fears, or embrace education.
My world is expanded by stories of discoveries
Whether adventures abroad or what a child sees.
My hope is that, as the children grow,
They will come back and share some of what they know.

I am hoping this generation will have less jealousy
And will embrace the knowledge that, for them, is free.
I hope they are learning to set boundaries,
Based on defining what, for each, is their need.
I hope they are learning with only themselves to compete,
And to honor the value of each person they meet.

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