Monday, July 25, 2011

Eternally In Communion

I love to hear about people's faith,
But please don't continue to tell me
That your experience is universal truth
And mine is, from truth, free.

Since the beginning of recorded time
Humans have had the sense to know
That no person is the Ultimate Authority
In all that we need to know.

Each subsequent generation of our ancestors
Sought valiantly to define
The unique thing in the human spirit
That is the spark of The Sublime.

I will never quite understand
Why we try to prove each other wrong.
The power of accepting without knowing
Is what makes the value of faith strong.

When I look at a cumulus cloud,
The perfect picture that I see
Doesn't negate the validity or beauty
Of what, in your mind's eye, it seems to be.

And if we believe that all sincere humans
Are eventually brought back to The Whole,
Why do we argue that only through one door
Can we each find a home for our souls?

Isn't it true that we're all connected;
One soul's salvation depends on another?
Would I really be fully who I am
If I had different sisters and brothers?

We're all seeking the same thing;
The meaning of life is plain to me:
Full belonging where we count for something,
And are in communion eternally.

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