Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fanning the Flames of Friendship

"There is nothing else exactly like the joy of friendship. It is such a blessing to have a person on earth in whom you can confide with confidence. However, that is just a small taste of what it is like to have a relationship with the son of God. Jesus is a friend that 'sticketh closer than a brother'." This is a quote from a follower of this blog who is a man of the cloth and a life-long missionary.

I'm currently recuperating from surgery. It is the friends who surround me with their willing hands, offered with loving hearts that sustain me. They may be praying for me in the silence of their rooms, but they also put their prayers in action when asked for assistance in healing and nourishing my body and those of their fellow friends. They have laid their loving hands on each other and on me with hugs, kind words, gifts of laughter and reminiscences, time simply watching and waiting, and many meals. All of this ministry fans the flames of our friendship, drawing us ever closer to each other.

I believe that we are all siblings in Divinity, and that Jesus is an exemplar for how to be the best family of humanity members we can be. He combined the extreme power of his own Divinity with the rules for right living handed down to him from the many generations of righteous ancestors preceding him. He taught us a new way, not through blood but through our Spirits of Divinity, to connect to our fellow humans. He set this example by being fully human and fully friend to all who asked for his friendship.

Friendship is the food that feeds our souls. The Divine Spirit that Jesus embodied in the flesh is still with us and in us, and is meant to grow as we share it with others. We are all called to be exemplars of The Divine in our earthly forms. Our challenge is to stay open to all others while remaining true to our own spark of The Divine.

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  1. "We are all called to be exemplars of The Divine in our earthly forms." The challenge can only be met when we fallen humans accept the truth of Jesus' statement: "Without me ye can do nothing!" I am very sorry to learn that you had to have surgery. I have prayed today for your complete recovery and return to normal health!