Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parenting and Potential

What is it with parents who insist,
"They didn't get that from me."
What is it about "we choose with whom we mate"
Don't these carefree parents see?
This isn't the case in rape and incest,
But it certainly is our nation's norm.
All the excuses we make for ourselves
Do our children irreparable harm.

Genetics has shown us conclusively
The strongest animal and plant breeds
Are not formed by accident and
Don't come from propagating non-hybrid seeds.
We may want to begin pointing out
That the weaknesses of one,
No matter who thinks themselves best,
Are balanced in the genetic sum.

Of course, in the animal kingdom,
Most don't mate for life, it seems.
In humans, competition for most importance
Is what hatches the ugliest schemes.
What may be seen as a lacking
Of necessary strength by the one
May be best and strongest of what,
When bonded to another, we'll become.

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