Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eternal Ecstacy

It is the ecstasy that I miss the most in religion and in children's faces,
But it's difficult for me to come back down after visiting these holy places.
I've never figured out how others simply return to their mundane duties
After being fully immersed in such otherworldly beauty.
Parents often protect their children from this; men protect their women
Because once the soul starts singing, it's hard to bring it down again.

What is it about exuberance that makes it seem sinful to some?
Rather than explore and channel these passions, why do so many want to run?
How can anyone look at the sky and sea and not have their passions swell?
The majesty of our physical world is a heaven in which we presently dwell.
My mate's arms around me bring to mind the caring of The Almighty;
Watching a mother cradle her babe to her breast makes my heart clutch so tightly.

I see a father teaching his young son how to master a task at hand,
And I see the spark of divinity traveling between the boy and the man.
I have a picture of a beloved nephew the first time he tasted
A dessert that his uncle made; his loving efforts weren't wasted.
The child, for that moment, was transported to a higher plain.
I would love to see this look on the face of a young child again.

I remember when my daughter showed her baby daughter a Christmas dress,
And the child was overcome with laughter at the gift of her mother's best.
The young daughter of a friend is now a young physician;
I remember her joy when we'd prepared a special meal for the children.
I had a peaceful feeling of wholeness as my grandson lay on my chest,
Knowing that he needed me to hold him for him to feel safe enough to rest.

My serene granddaughter who looked at me with her amused, yet skeptical eyes,
And loves still to teach me things; this is love realized.
A granddaughter who still loves for me to hold her while we sing.
I feel like I already have had all the joy that heaven can bring.
I long for others who have the time to sit and reminisce,
But it seems that they're too busy chasing the something else they might miss.

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  1. Hmmm. Not sure I want to live in eternal ecstasy. Might not appreciate it as much when it happens? ☻