Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Anti-Abortion or Pro-Personal Commitment?

As a grandparent, I know it is difficult
To firmly discipline without finding fault.
If I do not discipline myself, first and foremost,
I am, in fact, of sin in my children, a host.
This process seems to start in our genes;
So many pro-creators have no moral means.

I would love to live long enough to see a day
That the word "abortion" we would not ever say.
But, is it really better to procreate
In a starving or abusive amoral state?
I think it may be better to return
Babies to God, before they are by us, spurned.

It is the fact of natural woman and man
To want to add to their own blood clans.
It is also true that babies who are defective
Are often, by adoptive couples, rejected.
In principle, we may want all babies to save,
But, in fact, in facing truth, we must be brave.

There may come a time when all children are wanted
And by the protection of separate clans, we'll be undaunted.
There may be a time when no man will rape,
And from the abuse of power all of us will escape.
There may be a time when we hold in our arms
All the vulnerable, to protect them with our own lives,from harm.

Until there is one committed person to claim
Each child we try, from death, to restrain,
There is no real hope for the children to run
To a community in which we would want them to be one.
A village without personal commitment may be
A holding cell, but it is not a family.

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