Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is This Proper Parenting?

I'm tired of parents who don't care what their children will be
As long as their children grow up to be "happy."
They seem to set no standards for behavior
As though the desires of the moment are all there are to savor.
Wouldn't we be better off as a society
If each of us helped our children accept responsibility,
Not only for their happiness, but also for a sense of purpose,
Maybe, something like working to make the world more just?

I encouraged my children to find there own way;
I trusted they could hear what The Spirit had to say.
I told them I want them to be good citizens,
Because I believe that is where good values begin,
Citizens of this world and all of creation,
Inviting others to a fairness celebration.
I believe that they, on their own, have come to see
What their greater life purposes are meant to be.

1 comment:

  1. It's a tough job to raise children, then give them complete freedom to make their own choices as to vocation and avocation. I'm proud that one of mine is a school-teacher, one a pastor's wife, and one a consumer consultant for a major company. Though separated by miles, all of my girls are regular participants in the life of the local church of their choice.