Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Defining Despotism

There are those that request that I not say
What is written on my heart on any given day.
But respectfully speaking out is a right I'll defend
And it is on what I believe our sanity depends.
We cannot create justice or right ancestral wrongs
Until we put past prejudices where they belong.
The ability to choose, above power, compassion
Is what makes the lowly animal into a human.
The fear of hell's punishment has created many gains,
We can hope that as fear is calmed, compassion will remain.

The struggle against despotism is won one people at a time;
It wasn't long ago, abuse in our country was declared crime.
Despots declared that their god is like a man,
Because this helped them justify their own plans.
Any voice who declared rule by force wrong
Was branded as heretic and damned by their throngs.
Control by fear and accompanying oppression,
Which included from, their heaven, our rejection.
Fear and respect were taught as the same;
The most powerful would always, victory claim.

It has been a difficult and painful transition
In redefining the roles of women and men.
There are those of us who stay home by choice,
But we and our mates finally have equal voice.
We are no longer willing to be slave and master,
Although there's still debris from the disaster.
It is a horrible shame that those who suffer the most
Are the vulnerable about whose loving care we boast.
Until we put our comforts on the line, to justice defend,
The angry battles in our turf wars will never end.

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