Monday, August 15, 2011

Perfection and Rejection

The burden of unforgivenness still hangs on my heart
From all the relationships from which I felt I had to part.
It is not a matter of who is wrong and who is right;
It's knowing we're forever banished from each others sight.

Someone once told me that it's easy to be perfect;
If we do nothing, there's nothing to which God will object.
But is this the proper way of being fully human,
Avoiding interaction with our fellow women and men?

Another thing this person said to me rather often
Is that our batting average is what's important to a friend.
But I was taught that all wrongs should be addressed;
We are each responsible for cleaning up our own mess.

I think the people who give life all they've got
Seem to step on the toes of others a lot.
Do they not notice the pain they leave in their wakes,
Or do they trust their good will balance their mistakes?

I'm never sure which approach to this life is best,
Although I have put each one to many tests.
I've lost family and friends in my attempts
To make peace, and hopefully mend our fence.

Because others don't want to get involved,
Many serious disagreements are never resolved.
It would be so nice to have somewhere other than courts
To which those with grievances to address could resort.

I thought that our churches would be my best bet,
But, this belief, I have come to regret.
The people in churches seem more inclined
To, the rifts in relationships, remain blind.

I have come to a decision with a heavy heart,
To choose a path in which, less pain, I'll impart.
How many people, after all, are meant to forever be
A part of each one of our personal community?

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