Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Penance and the Promised Land

I'm so tired of competition for who is holier than thou;
What really matters in the scheme of salvation is what we're doing now.
We all have differing strengths and different temptations, too.
What may pull me farther from my path may not appeal to you.
Are we attempting to make amends for all the wrongs we've done?
Are are we being "reborn" as if our lives on earth had just begun?

I don't think it is for God that penance is necessary,
And the focus on pain being the purpose simply makes me weary.
Self-discipline in changing our ways can be a joyful task,
And its power in healing relationships is something in which we can bask.
How joyful I feel when someone has brought harm to me,
And then attempts to help heal these wounds in front of our community.

Some have a time of atonement for their sins against their god and others,
But how many of us have help in making peace with our sisters and brothers?
We are forced to put on righteous airs for fear of being fought;
Eternal shame, blame, and war is what this path has wrought.
Maybe one day all our earth will become the promised land,
But I don't think this can happen until we become our best humans.

1 comment:

  1. All the promises in the book will happen! "A new heaven and a new earth" is coming - wherein dwelleth righteousness.