Thursday, September 1, 2011

Resisting Continued Corruption

I'm happy for others for whom God is differently manifest;
Even if we never agree on whose manifestation is best.
Throughout the existence of humankind, we have been aware
That there's something much greater than each of us out there.
The Spirit that infuses humanity with the power to become their best,
Many have tried to define, and many have failed the test
Of being available to all creation, in all the universe
We have spent millenia, calling many philosophies cursed.

The Spirit of Light and Love, and being the best that one can
Is the mark of the special gift of The Spirit in humans.
Some find their best selves in lives of contemplation,
Some in rocking the cradles of those who will lead our nations.
Some need a spouse and partner to become who they were meant to be;
Some find that they are their best when they're completely free.
One thing I do know, we won't find The Spirit in the dissension
That seems to infuse conversation in which God is mentioned.

We won't find The Spirit through drugs and alcohol
Nor through sex with those who are in its thrall.
We must step out of our fears, joined hand-in-hand,
To resist continued corruption of our place in Creation's plan.
We must say no to those who seek to combine church and state
And understand it is our following them that makes leaders great.
We must stop being lulled by their mantras and rituals
That keep our minds and our souls, with their power, full.

We must write our own stories, sing our own songs,
Pointing out repentance and forgiveness rights wrongs.
It is not anarchy or sin to refuse to be enslaved
By those who have lived lives that are depraved.
Christianity was perverted by Constantine
To assure his position as emperor, an earthly king.
It is time to reclaim a pure path to peace
That humbles the mighty and uplifts the least.

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