Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Rope of Hope

More than once I tripped and fell
Into despair's deep, dark well.
My friends of faith were there for me,
With a Light that I could only faintly see.
They seemed to have a steadfast hope,
And this, their faith, became my rope.

I knew that they would hold on tight
Until I developed faith, in my own right.
Their faith also seems to give them discipline
That keeps them from completely giving in.
They soldier on; even when they don't win,
They dust themselves off and begin again.

I began to look for the source of this Light;
I have found my own source of delight,
That they find in their religions, but I
See when I look into their loving eyes.
Some of them also share with me
Other places where this Light, they see.

One finds the voice of this Holiness
In the children with whom she is blessed.
Another walks her garden in the morning
And hears this Holy Spirit whispering.
Some assure me that they have husbands
Who are sources of this strength and their friends.

What seems to be common in sister and in brother
Is they find sources of this Light in each other.
The Light that is common to all of us
Is what Christians find in their savior Jesus.
It makes all creation holy ground;
All we have to do is look around.

The wind, the waves, a tear, a laugh
All gifts created on our behalf.
And it is also true that we
Can share the Light we've come to see.
We must open our hearts and open our souls
To embracing and sharing that which makes us whole.

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  1. The person of God the Holy Spirit is real and present in our world today. He will fill the heart of everyone who sincerely turn their back on sin and asks God for Him to come into their hearts. Jesus promised that He would send Him and that when He (The Holy Spirit) came, he would testify of Jesus. Cf John 15:26