Monday, August 1, 2011

Religion and Decision

We don't give up our animal natures
Just because we get religion.
Our training in religion simply
Gives us new tools for decisions.

Those who hurt others and simply say,
"Jesus died for my sins,"
Apparently don't understand where
Christianity begins and ends.

We are held accountable on earth
For what we do and say;
We must try to make it right with
The people we harm along the way.

This is not just in the afterlife,
But in our time upon this earth;
We must restore to honor those
In whom we may have destroyed worth.

Every time a person demands
More than he or she needs,
This begins a cycle upon
Which fear and hatred breed.

We must learn to ask ourselves,
"Is it need or is it want?"
We must stop looking for
Superiority to flaunt.

Are the things we are pursuing
To strengthen the Eternal Whole,
Or, are we with our jealousy,
Destroying our own souls?

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