Saturday, January 21, 2012

Faith and Fear

I have come back from a singular mountain retreat;
Observing partners in parenting was a welcome treat.
It is a joy when I am able to observe the modern family,
Who, from gender roles, seem to be blessedly free.

I'm tired of our world being controlled by fear
Of what others, in their faith, hold most dear.
No one person or group has a God-given monopoly
On defining where each of us, Divine Grace, will see.

Can we simply agree that over the course of history
The face of The Almighty has been seen differently?
And when men are made in God's image
They are not given the right to others' faith judge.

When The Word is made flesh in the form of a man,
His flesh is taken from the body of woman.
It should be obvious by this time in history
That The Divine is not limited to man or woman only.

We have Divinity in us, but that doesn't mean
That when we look at man, it's Gods we are seeing.
We choose to believe that God appeared as flames,
But won't give anything feminine a Divine name.

Every one of us has male and female traits,
And all of us should seek balance in our mates.
This can't happen until we agree that The Divine
Is a part of every member of humankind.

1 comment:

  1. We fear what we do not understand. Beliefs that are foreign to our heritage tend to make skeptics out of us.
    Since adding up too many years for my comprehension, I have found that it is good practice to try to give folks the benefit of a doubt, and only when asked, to give my WISE opinion.