Thursday, January 19, 2012

Purposeful Puttering

There are so many pleasures to puttering without deadlines.
It is quite amazing the projects a relaxed mind can find.
Richard and Monte spreading gravel, to even out the road,
And shoring up our creek's bridge, with Kenneth on a backhoe.
I stayed inside to clean and make a pot of broccoli soup,
Also, to go through old photos and other long-stashed loot.
Somebody must make decisions what to take and what to bring
I'd rather make decisions than to brave winter's cold sting.

We're expecting Josie and Adam to eat leftovers with us.
I want Josie's artist's opinion, so over decor I made a fuss.
It has been nice feeling like a country couple again,
With the activity and camaraderie of neighborhood women and men.
Coker Creek is a place with a strong sense of community;
It's nice the folks continue to welcome Richard and me.
But today we load out and finish our preparations
For Richard to return to his Higgins Boat building station.


  1. Have a safe journey back to the marsh. It's too bad NOLA isn't closer.

  2. Nice to hear about friends and chores. Sharing a meal and plans for a journey. Tough being torn betwixt two. But Childhood memories will normally win. Does for my girl.