Saturday, January 14, 2012

Found Food

Once again we're cooking up a storm in Coker Creek;
How could we resist, when the weather was so bleak?
We are attempting to spend down food in our freezer,
And provide meals to Mountain Mama that are sure to please her.
We've already delivered Italian sausage and vegetable compote;
This was made for a Ruritan supper when we arrived from places remote.

We found frozen squash that we had grown in Mountain Mama's garden,
Used her daughter-in-law's recipe and to create casseroles for friends.
Today, I baked peanut butter cookies from Helen's recipe,
While Richard requested help on projects from me.
I served my man, for lunch, some hot chicken soup,
While he took a break from work in order to regroup.

The chicken soup was from foods found in the freezer;
Fresh vegetables were added, but frozen bounty made it easier.
The sun has come out after dustings of new white snow,
So Richard can deliver, to our friends, meals to go.
The Monroe County Buzz offered me a columnist's spot
To write about events that in Coker Creek that are hot.

Nancy has a greed to be a local correspondent
But I'll be happy to write about whatever news I'm sent.
Jack's new book is something the locals will celebrate;
After reading his first book they didn't want to wait.
We are happy to be where we can do some community good,
Even if our service is limited to words and food.


  1. Does this mean you back in the mountains? Or maybe just a poem built on memories of past events. I think you are very qualified as a writer and should bless the people in Monroe county with your word-smithing.

  2. My question also. Sounds like you are back cleaning out the freezer. You could just put the stuff on the back porch and it will stay frozen I think.

    Like the poem, I am sure I like Mountain Mama.