Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Place of Prayer

Simply being here is a form of living prayer,
With the beauty and wonders of Creation everywhere:
In the breeze that blows through the tall trees,
To fish jumping is our pond whenever they please.

To the hammock that beckons people with their books,
And the gurgle of clear, cold water running in our brooks.
To the wild blueberries on our own property's hills,
And the horse stalls that may one day be less still.

Sharing our bounty seems to be that for which we were born,
And even though our methods often bring us scorn,
We continue to be open to the voices of others
Who seem to want us as their sister and brother.

I believe that the voice of Divinity that defines our place
Comes from the throats and lips of the human race.
We have been blessed with much time here on earth
In which we have been asked to put others first.

Though I've lived in fear that our resources would run out,
I know that sharing is what community is about.
We have many people who I know will share with us, too,
But asking for help can be the hardest thing that we do.

We feel called to continue in this small community,
But from our roots in New Orleans we cannot break free.
We are one more step toward what seems our new mission;
Living two lives in two states is a big decision.

Our property managers, Marshajene and Bill, were coming;
Our place must present well against other rentals in the running.
We know that Bill is a simple meat and potatoes man,
So it wasn't too difficult to come up with supper plans.

We went down to Sav-a-Lot and bought some nice steaks,
Mushrooms and onions, potatoes to be mashed, not baked.
Some Mayfield vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup,
Combined with peanut butter cookies made a fine dessert.

After all day of cleaning to prepare our house for inspection
We were glad for the easily prepared menu selection.
It will be nice to envision our home, when we are away,
Being enjoyed by those who seek a quiet place to pray.


  1. It is rough being torn between two places, espe ially when one is the heart of your youth.

    Love from Florida!!!!

  2. No place like East Tennessee for quiet serenity - but then NOLA has it's own charm for different reasons. I love both places. Too bad we can't just clone ourselves and live in both places simultaneously. ☺