Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Praying For My Peace

I was taught to examine, at the end every day,
The hurtful and sinful things I think, do, and say.
Is it simply selfish to insist on making amends,
As I've been told by several of my friends?

Every day is exciting, if we simply set our minds to delight,
But we can feel and think so much  that we can't sleep at night.
This is how I feel after talking with my daughter or son,
And before and after spending time with people who are fun.

Part of the problem is I'm afraid that I may do something wrong
Even though I try to share only the singing of joyful songs.
Sometimes grief and anger simply pop out of my mouth,
Even knowing this is not what my people want to talk about.

It seems to me that wrongs that aren't addressed
Go on to create, in other relationships, a mess.
Why is it so scary to say, "I was wrong,"
Even where love has been very strong?

Some say Jesus took away all blame;
That all we need do is believe in his name.
I believe he gave us a prescription and examples
Of seeking peace that are are ample.

How have the religious ones gotten to this place
Where the joy of human forgiveness has lost its place?
There seems to be such a fear of punishment
That we are unable to truly repent.

What am I to do with all of the guilt
On which my religious life was built,
If I can't share my true remorse
And take the hurts back to their source?

I'd like to lay my head down every night in gratitude
That the evil I've wrought has been turned back to good.
I believe I'm commanded to approach those angry with me
And plead to be, from my guilt, set free.

I don't think that I can be right with my God
Unless I'm right with those on whose feelings I've trod.
"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray that I'll find the peace I seek."


  1. A beautiful piece that calls for peace. I think as I got older it became easier to say I'm sorry. I am glad because without it, it disturbs our peace.
    This is good Y.

  2. One of my learned secrets to having JOY and peaceful sleep.
    J - Jesus first.
    O - Others second.
    Y - Yourself last.
    It works for me.