Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Soul Mates and Soaring Spirits

 I have so missed the soul mates from my youth;
As I grew in years, I didn't grow in truth.
The Spirit that spoke to me when I was a child,
Was, sadly, hidden from me for too long a while.
I am walking back into the faith of my childhood,
Though the religion of my mother is  lost to me for good.

The insistence on dogma instead of Divinity
Simply didn't seem right, just, and true to me.
Those who have loved me since I began my journey Home,
Honoring The Spirit in me that they have known,
Have never faltered in their prayers that I would find
An eternal peace in my body, soul, and mind.

I know it's painful to many that I walk a different path,
And for this reason, some relationships didn't last.
Even as I walked a path of terrible immorality,
My soul mates shared their Spirit lights to be a guide to me.
Like Tinker Bell in Peter Pan whose life spark almost died,
The love of my soul mates has kept my Holy Spirit alive.

Some have been women, and my and their husbands;
Some of them have been my children who are also friends.
The love of my children did most to heal me;
The souls of our children are never from ours fully free.
I sing a song of gratitude and and lift my voice in awe;
I'm finally feeling the redemption their Holy Spirits foresaw.

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  1. Oh yes, Oh YES, the Faith of Childhood. What wonderful years for me. I did return, but learned it was not the same. Sometimes more satisfying, sometimes not. There is some pain, but mostly satisfaction.