Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Productive Progeny

Why would religions encourage parents in continuing to produce
Offspring for whom parents won't care and they will let run loose?
They are feral animals, not children, who are often brought to wrath
By the fear and anger of parents who haven't secured their own paths.
Those who rail against contraception surely can't be aware
Of the fate of the children for whom their parents can't care.

Their pure souls are tainted from before they are even born;
They feel their parents' rejection, and are born with self-scorn.
And the feelings of shame that are imparted to the innocent,
As if they were responsible for where and to whom they were sent,
Are never a good way to encourage peace and empathy for others;
It only encourages jealousy among the world's sisters and brothers.

We must stop acting as if children are manna from heaven,
Instead of responsibilities that no amount of preaching can leaven.
Each of us and each couple can only to our children impart
The gifts that we have realized in our lives and our hearts.
Those that have no spirit of wholeness will not succeed
In imparting the wholeness to their children which they so need.

While it may have once been true in lower animals
That offspring only need bellies that are kept full,
Children of humans need to be shown and be often told
That their individual bodies exist to help achieve a greater goal;
Otherwise, they become creatures of immediate gratification
That impede not only their own, but their offspring's and the world's, salvation.

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  1. I sincerely wish more folk could understand what I see is the heart of this post.

    Good stuff Y, and the best to you and Richard this year.