Thursday, January 5, 2012

Protecting Our Progeny

I've heard it said, "God can't be everywhere; that's why we need mothers."
I say, "Mothers can't be everywhere; that's why we need the godliness of others."
It has forever been that which makes us feel safe is knowing to whom we belong.
Its easy to say that we're all children of God and to think otherwise is wrong;
Humans weren't made to live alone without the comforting sounds and touch of others.
This is why we're born so helpless and for so long need our fathers and mothers.
Parents who don't create strong boundaries and hold their children close in their bond
Create a vacuum of safety and values that their family's children can depend upon.
There is a reason that it is said that harming a child should lead to one's death;
When an adult destroys a child's innocence, the child's soul is forever at unrest.

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  1. Deep and a very needed subject. More exposure and teaching is needed onthe subject.