Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Ministry

I like to believe that during this phase in my life
My ministry is to comfort those suffering terrible strife,
Especially families that are feeling overwhelmed.
I minister to their bodies while they share their deeper selves.

Tonight is leftover night. What will I do with myself?
I brought along a book from a friend's bookshelf.
But I have never been good at sitting for very long,
And if I get to talking, I may say something wrong.

What if I know family things that aren't common knowledge?
The fear of revealing these things keeps me on edge.
Families all have secrets that they don't want revealed;
I must be careful not to open wounds that have healed.

I don't want the women to think that, on control, I'm bent.
So I, like the husbands, await a direct assignment.
The children have a family friend that has known them for long.
All the long-time family knows just where they belong.

I feel comfortable where I am on my spiritual journey,
And when facing death, my beliefs are a comfort to me.
Perhaps I can use this time to compile my spiritual beliefs;
There may come a time that this will comfort others in grief.

1 comment:

  1. I would think, when one has the ability and talent to comfort those in sorrow, that it is a blessing. Knowing one's nitche in life is a very good and rewarding feeling. Many people are rudderless and seem to wander all over the map.