Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obligation to a Passing Generation

We're winding down on the visitors only as a pause;
Properly seeing the patriarch off is a family cause.
In the town where he lived his last, we had his visitation;
We will move him to his birthplace now, following his cremation.

There will be a Mass, and graveside service, and several meals
All "sitting shiva" for this man who was an international big wheel.
His kid brother has been requested to represent the men of that generation;
We were both happy to be asked to fulfill this family obligation.

There is beauty in taking time to fondly remember those
Who have entered the place and time of their final repose.
When we all work for a living we must do what we're paid to do;
 I have accumulated so much grief in years of rushing through.

We are all so fortunate that this man's time of death
Was a holiday week in which all could take a rest.
When they go back to work and school I hope they are at peace;
That their grief will be expended and their joyful memories increased.

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  1. Very nice tribute to family and friends. Good thoughts put to prose. You re good at that!!!
    Sweet read!!