Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Discord at Death

I sit in a silent house as the family goes about their business,
Time to reflect on this family into which I have been reborn.
This is a family of righteousness, passed down for many generations,
Following the words and the actions of those who came before them.

Their lives have not been easy, as they all worked the family farm;
They were taught that their best was always expected of them.
But these were not merely words without stellar example
Self-discipline and discipleship was the way of family life.

I know that religion has been a point of many problems;
One daughter follows the parents and the other has her own path.
As I listened to the priest speak over the casket
I thought I heard the reason for this parting of the ways.

The priest said that we must all suffer on this earth
To make up for imperfections in our corporal lives.
How sad it is to me that so many still believe
That The Father demands retribution for failings of humanity.

Those who are born afflicted often feel as victims
Of sins which they will never even think to commit.
I wonder how parents can accept their church's teachings
That prophesy eternal separation from parts of their own souls.

Does my sister-in-law believe that her daughter is condemned
Because she follows none of her family's religious rituals?
If she doesn't believe this, how can she sit in silence
As her children and grandchildren are said to be unsaved?

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  1. YOu tell a lot of truth here also. I can feel pain and comfort in this. Death does strange things to those who are left.

    After reading about your comforting and concern with this family, I read Kevin Walker's poetry today give this a look, it is very short.