Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wisdom Without Wealth

Those who grew up believing that there were those
Who were born to do the chores to which they're not disposed,
Seem also to believe that the work of a mother.
Is strictly something with which they can't be bothered.

This is the message in the movie The Help;
Generational wisdom is something that's felt.
It should be valued more highly than gold
But these people often have nothing when they grow old.

Why aren't we sharing our pensions with them
Who loved our children from babies to men?
We shouldn't abide them living in fright
That they'll have no warm bed at night.

And what about those who cook our meals --
Do we give them truly fair deals?
We expect them to work for a small allowance,
Knowing their families have no chance.

Americans are supposed to have no castes,
But the untouchable mentality holds fast.
Those who do the most essential work
Are treated as if they are dirt.

The people who learn by years of doing
Have knowledge that is worth pursuing.
We should honor the wisdom they contribute;
Paying them well would be our tribute.


  1. This post confirms what I have said over and over - there is no equality in life - except at the cross of Jesus! We are not born equal. Consider it. Some are born rich; some poor. Some are born healthy; some are born handicapped. Some are born with keen minds; while others struggle with grasping basic ideas. Now, at the cross ... whether king or peasant; whether doctor or school drop-out; cunning business person or someone who barely exists from day to day... all meet the same requirement at the cross of Jesus.

  2. One can have great ideas, to house, feed and clothe the less fortunate, but unless it is a majority 'joining' thing it is doomed, because it is impossible for the few to clothe the many, the resourses run out.
    It could be done, IMHO, but being frugal and helpful, as a whole, has gone the way of the dinosaur.