Saturday, March 10, 2012

Troubles and Treasures

Ah, to be back where there is memory
Of who I and my Richard used to be!
The love that surrounded us in the hospital
Is the kind that makes our souls feel full.

These are people who have been there
Through the troubles that we could hardly bear.
We don't have to begin with stories of the pain
That led us to move away and back home again.

And the work I did before we went away
Has, in some memories, found a place to stay.
It has led to meaningful work with a team,
Helping fund healthcare behind the scenes.

I feel so blessed that I can, once more, be a part
Of work that is close to the community's hearts.
Community hospitals are such a need
In these modern times of corporate greed.

The work that I do will also help fund
The volunteer shipbuilder Richard has become.
I hope that he enjoys being a kept man
If my new job goes according to plan.

I'm grateful the seeds we've sown were kept alive,
And that those seeds will now help us to thrive.
I am also grateful that we have opportunity
To be the servants we were meant to be.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I think you are right. When seed have ben planted, it is nice to actually see some fruit and benefit from them.

    The best to you and Richard, he should not mind being a 'kept' man!! LOL