Thursday, March 22, 2012

Divine Energy is Gender Free

There once was only a male face of divinity
And, for many, that's all there will ever be.
I believe all Divine Energy is gender free;
All Grace will abide where it was meant to be.

Christians believe that they are saved by grace,
Not believing this is given to the full human race.
Many believe only those who say their savior's name
Have the right to any of eternal life's claim.

There are also those who live by strict laws,
And the varieties in nature never give them pause.
I believe that we can tell who is blessed with The Spirit,
Not by their nation, or religion, or with whom they sit.

The Spirit shines true in a person's connecting eyes,
Even though we're taught how to hide behind a disguise.
It seems to me that most societies teach how to cover
The truth of who we are, so there will always be "the other."

I love spending time with the younger generation,
Who have little knowledge of the old stories of creation.
They seem to feel more comfortable in their own skins,
Seeing no inequality between women and men.

There is a culture of sharing, instead of competition;
Perhaps in my lifetime, equal rights will come to fruition.
I cannot and will not go back to seeing The Spirit as a him
When I so clearly see a spark of Divinity in all of "them."

1 comment:

  1. Since God is God, And is mentioned as HE etc. i tend to see him as male, but in reality I do not see a gender in God, nor a necessity of it.

    However I cannot bring my self to refer to God as It, either.

    I have no gender problem myself, neither a racial one, I do hope generations to come over come prejudices, There is more of a chance in Christian nations (IMO) The Gender discrimination seems to be more deep seated in non Christian areas. Again, my opinion.