Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grateful for His Goodness

May I never take for granted a dry bed out of the rain,
Or the man who, when I've been away, welcomes me home again.
May I always be grateful for the wheels that transport me;
For, without transportation, I would certainly be less free.

May I continue to be grateful every time I buy a meal
That I am not in a position where I'm tempted to steal.
May I always be happy to hear about his day,
So he'll never lose his ability to turn his work to play

I know it may sound sacrilegious that I give credit to my man
For all the needs he fills for me as he steadfastly beside me stands
But I firmly believe that we must remember to thank any other
Who hears the call to nurture us, as if they were our loving mothers.

I am humbled that someone is willing to fully share with me
All that he worked to become, and all he'll ever be.
It seems the only that thing he's wanted from the start
Is that I, in exchange for security, offer a fully open heart.

1 comment:

  1. Gratefulness..... Ah yes, a very good characteristic, even looks good on you!