Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hope Is How We Cope

It is hard not to want permanence,
Rather than always living on a fence.
But we really have to go with the flow,
For the future we can't ever know.

I'm working on short-term contract.
The long-term stability it lacks,
I make up for in better pay,
But I'm really wanting to stay.

I'm wanting to be one of those
Who is not so easily disposed,
But the reality is that even they
Can be forced to walk away.

That is the challenge in a life,
To be free from excess strife,
We must accept constant loss;
We are never our own boss.

We have the illusion of control,
Which tends to comfort the soul.
Though we can continue to hope,
We only control how we cope.

People with great faith seem to be
Better at coping than the faith free.
To believe it all fits in an eternal plan
Is a great gift to faith-filled humans.

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