Tuesday, March 6, 2012

People of the Promise

As people of The Promise we are all Israelites:
Those who "struggle with God" to live what is right.
From the beginning of human time, we were aware
That there is a Higher Spirit that all humans share.

Perhaps Israel is not a certain place in a certain time;
Perhaps Israel, like Christianity, is a state of mind.
Wherever two or more seek the just and the right,
There dwells the Holy Spirit's might and delight.

In losing several homes and family members,
I have found new life in my former live's embers.
The Spirit of Holiness will seek and find
The connections of joy and love which The Spirit binds.

When we open our hearts to another's faith,
We will see the true spirit in his or her face.
When I look into someone's eyes I see
A bit of his or her god looking back at me.

Where I see anger, impatience, and fear,
I must look deeper for what they hold dear.
I can look to the people whose lives they touch
And, through them, learn ever so much.

Loving justice spreads peace through all lands.
If only we would honor this as The Eternal Plan,
We would all do our parts be our best selves,
And honor The Spirit that, in others, dwells.

Our children would not necessarily inherit
The same authority or responsibilities we merit.
But we would seek to treat others as our own,
While holding to the values we have been shown.

It may be more difficult to keep our children close,
But they will eventually absorb what we cherish the most.
What we live in our own personal lives
Is what will help our faith families to survive.

The rituals of others would enrich our lives;
If we were stronger, our beliefs would survive.
One of our country's diversity's greatest things
Is the challenge to our personal faith it brings.

Are we so weak in our own faith and resolve
That we have no patience for other's faith to evolve?
I don't want to live where we all must pretend
That we are all, like white bread, a tasteless blend.

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  1. What I read here is a statement of one who is sure of themselves. If you are secure in your own life it is not hard to try to understand others. If you are insecure, you cannot listen for fear of............... the unknown.