Monday, March 5, 2012

Awakened Again

Sometimes the thing I need is a friend with strong boundaries,
One who won't be infected by the things that are bothering me.
My baby sister pointed out that I absorb people's pain;
This may be why I have had so much trouble getting on my feet again.

Another revelation I should have learned, but didn't, from motherhood:
Being too emotionally involved, one can do nobody any good.
Another friend pointed out that we all have some stupidity
And that our mistakes are often because of things we cannot see.

As the Buddha said, "I am awake." I needed this information for so long,
But it took a while for my friends to hit on what was really wrong.
It was not a lack of genuine love going out or coming in;
It was simply the truths that I can only hear coming from my truest friends.


  1. And no wonder that the song-writer said, "What A Friend We Have In Jesus!"

  2. Yes, there are folks who 'wake up' in certain areas later in life. I know it happened to me. I had a friend who was in management for a couple years before he realized you cannot fix everything by being nice. Sometimes you must be the boss. "I am a late bloomer to management, but now I am here!"