Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home and Heaven

Perhaps it is a gift that my parents gave to me;
Every summer I can remember, I was set free.
I spent time with every relative that our family claimed;
Some of them couldn't even remember my name.

This taught me that home was not in one place;
It was anywhere where I was, by family, graced
I've lost far more homes than many, it is true;
Something my children were dragged through.

But perhaps I am blessed by this experience;
I've never had a home's permanent sense.
Perhaps if more people saw home as state of mind,
We would not, to geography,  be in such a bind.

Could it be that Heaven is what we create on earth?
And could Israel be more than one's place of birth?
And could Mecca be wherever one might choose to pray?
Would this make safer ground for all our children to play?

1 comment:

  1. Oh ho, someone else who was farmed out in the summer. I too loved it, but it was mostly with two Aunts and my Brothers and Sisters. Still a wonderful, learning time!!!!

    Another good one!!!