Monday, April 9, 2012

One with the Universe

I am so grateful to have been exposed to art;
I often feel sweet music playing inside my soul.
The ability to express Divine Energy is a gift;
Art, like the sunrise, must have this as its goal.

When I wake before the household,
I've always had a sense of peace.
Getting to work before the others
Helps my sense of centering increase.

Before I face the challenges
Of dealing with people and the day
I must find time for deep silence;
Some would say that I pray.

Sitting alone in the morning quiet,
I never hear a Holy Voice,
But I do invite The Holy Spirit
To help me make my day plan's choice.

Watching the sunrise on the harbor
I have a sense of oneness with the earth,
And in the silence before getting busy
I feel The Positive Power of The Universe.

I used to like to go to high mass;
This was when I was a child.
It was the only place that I felt peace;
Our family home was always wild.

The service I enjoyed attending,
Was sung in beautiful Latin song.
I felt I was lifted into Heaven;
There was no pressure to sing along.

God's voice was in another language;
It was my escape to another realm.
I never questioned The Almighty Power
Of The Great One at the Helm.

But this and all earthly things are illusive;
Temporary manifestations of Divine Energy.
My fond hope for the universal hereafter:
An eternity that is stress and language-free.

1 comment:

  1. Knowing oneself is most important in this life. The silent contemplation of the past and an anxious prospectus of the future can relax and feed the soul.

    No doubt yours is fed.
    (Getting to work first? that has always been my practice, you just slipped that in!)